Government authorities may be motivated by the need to learn of public zones that have experienced heavy traffic of non-compliant citizens therefore in order to take a precautionary disinfection measure just in case the space have been contaminated with the virus


COVIX, an AI video-based solution that monitors adherence to international guidelines on the use of face masks and social distancing. The model combines the ability to detect individual faces and recognizing when he or she is not wearing face masks in public along with compliance with the 1.8 m social distancing guidelines in accordance with the CDC recommendations. Covix index is composite weighted-average of the face masks and social distancing already used to track safety levels in major cities around the world including New York City, London, and Dublin.


The solution will help airports, malls and in-door public facilities reduce the spread of the COVID19 especially based on the growing evidence that maintaining physical distance and the use of a mask are the two best ways to prevent transmission of coronavirus.

COVIX - Corona Smart Index

Face Mask Compliance

Social Distance Compliance

  • New York 30
  • Dublin 15
  • London 11

COVIX Index From Around the World

COVIX Components

Building COVIX

A Revolutionary Approach To Safety Monitoring In the Age of the COVID19

COVIX is the first smart safety indicator to leverage cutting edge AI and streaming video analytics to convert social distancing, face masks and behavioral variations of both in one smart representative quantitative meter.


London, UK

Dublin, Ireland

New York, USA

Venice, Italy